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are taught virtually via Zoom.

For individuals interested in continuing their growing and healing with Reiki, and perhaps also wanting to teach Reiki, we offer a program that has evolved out of our thirty-eight years of practicing and teaching Reiki. We honor Reiki Level II graduates from all Reiki Master Teachers. The Reiki Healing Connection Master Training reflects our commitment to offer a program that is deep and complete, yet allows the freedom to customize the training to suit personal style, goals, and timetable. The essence of the Reiki Master Training is steeping yourself in Reiki in order to expand and evolve. It is a process of being and becoming, not just doing.

The training is divided into separate levels, which are described below. Each level is whole and complete and builds on the previous one. You decide whether or not to go on to the next level and at what pace you move through the program. Since immersing yourself deeply in Reiki is the heart of the program, and since only you can determine what immersion means to you, this is an independent study program that culminates in a one-day intensive.

We provide a list of suggested activities to encourage using Reiki in a variety of settings to increase your experiential understanding of this ancient form of healing. Alignment with your Self and being Reiki is an ongoing process. Willingness to continuously engage in this process furthers your evolution and can lead to the sustained recognition and ultimate experience that you are universal life force.

An Initiation alone does not make you a Reiki Master. Commitment and the intention to be Reiki produces increased self-awareness, expanding your relationship with Reiki, with your Self, and with the world. The focus of Reiki Master Training is process, not content. Your deep involvement with Reiki does the training. Our role is to witness, mentor, reflect, question, guide, document, and encourage you. The Reiki energy, your projects, our support, together with your commitment and passion create a synergistic training finely-tuned to you and your needs. The Reiki Healing Connection Master Training empowers you to become the Reiki Master you are meant to be.

If you feel that our Reiki Master Training is a match with your values and goals, please email to request details for registering and an application form.

Reiki Master Class descriptions:

(note:  the descriptions below apply to classes offered directly by Libby. The Reiki Master I and II training at Kripalu has a slightly different structure; see comment at the end of the descriptions)

Prerequisite for Reiki Master training:  completion of Reiki II training and a strong desire to continue to the next step on your Reiki path.

Reiki Master: In this one-day class, you will:

  • Receive the Reiki Master Attunement to raise your vibration so you can maximize access to the Universal Life Force. You become a supercharged jumbo straw (channel), enabling you to offer a concentrated amount of Reiki in a shorter period of time.
  • Receive the Reiki Master Symbol and learn how to use this powerful tool to facilitate healing yourself and others and energizing your intentions and manifestations. The Reiki Master Symbol supports you infusing your life with love, health, happiness, abundance, and full self-expression.
  • Learn to perform the Reiki I Attunement ceremony.
  • Receive additional tools for accessing your inner being, accelerating your personal growth and evolution, expanding your spiritual awareness, and facilitating more joy, ease and well-being in your life.
  • Receive the Reiki Master Certificate.

Tuition: $250

Reiki Master Teacher: In this one-day class, you will:

  • Learn to perform the Reiki II Attunement ceremony.
  • Learn how to teach both Reiki I and Reiki II classes to attune family and friends as well as conduct more formal classes in a variety of settings.
  • Receive teaching materials, including Reiki I and II notebooks, Reiki II teacher’s manual, Reiki articles, and inspirational poems.
  • Have access to teaching supplies and certificates.
  • Receive photographs of Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, and Mrs. Takata.
  • Discuss practical details on how to develop your Reiki practice.
  • Receive the Reiki Master Teacher certificate.

Tuition: $350

A package tuition of $495 for both classes is available providing a savings of $105.

If you have any questions, please email me at .  

If you want to register, please click to go to the Reiki Master Class Registration page


Reiki Master of Masters:

A minimum of four months as a practicing Reiki Master Teacher – teaching Reiki I and Reiki II classes – is recommend for Reiki Master of Masters. In this class you will:

  • Learn how to perform the Reiki Master Attunement ceremony to empower Reiki II practitioners to become Reiki Masters.
  • Receive instruction in conducting Reiki Master training classes. · Have the opportunity to discuss topics of interest to you and have any questions answered.
  • Receive personal development resources.
  • Become a “Master of Masters” in a customized ceremony.

Tuition: $600 (reduced for group classes depending on the number of participants)

The private Reiki Master of Masters class is usually taught on a mutually scheduled date one on one either in person, by phone or via Zoom.

To learn more or if you have any questions, please email me at .  

Kripalu Reiki Master I and II class:  For a complete description, please refer to the website. Search for Libby Barnett.   In summary, the Kripalu training includes all of the Reiki Master class plus the portion of the Reiki Master Teacher training on how to perform the Reiki II Attunement.