Reiki Master Libby BarnettReiki Master Teacher LIBBY BARNETT, M.S.W., is the longest practicing Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher on the East Coast. She integrates her healing skills with past experience as a medical social worker at Massachusetts General Hospital. She offers Reiki classes virtually, at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts.

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Libby is a gifted, knowledgeable teacher with more than thirty-four years experience blending Reiki with conventional medicine. She has taught over 14,000 people from all backgrounds nationwide, including medical and nursing students at Tufts, Brown, Harvard, and Yale as well as staff at Massachusetts General, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Beth Israel (Boston), Mt. Auburn, Emerson, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Southern New Hampshire, New York Foundling, and New York Columbia Presbyterian.   She is co-author of Reiki Energy Medicine, with over 75,000 copies sold in seven languages.

Libby’s expert Reiki instruction makes your learning easy and your practice precise.  Students do not need to have to be in a health care profession to learn Reiki with Libby.

Anecdotes from her extensive experience will delight and inspire you. Her warm, heart-centered approach provides a nurturing context for you to take your next step toward self-love and inner peace. Libby is dedicated to teaching this ancient, sacred healing art to promote health and conscious living on the planet.

Students from Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York attend Libby’s Reiki training.

Libby also offers individual Distant Reiki sessions virtually via Zoom or phone which are enriched by her 37 years of Reiki and social work experience.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (Ray-Key) is an ancient, gentle, hands-on healing art that helps you feel better and heal better. Dr. Usui, a Japanese Christian educator, rediscovered this healing method in his study of ancient Tibetan texts. You can use Reiki to facilitate deep relaxation, relieve pain, and promote healing and personal growth. Reiki stimulates your body’s innate healing resources, encouraging a return to wellness.

Reiki means Universal Life Force – the healing energy of the universe. The attunement ceremony empowers you to transmit Reiki energy through your hands. Once attuned, you have this ability for life and can use this healing energy to promote balance and harmony on all levels of your being.

What Makes Reiki Unique?

  • Reiki is a complete system of self-healing.
  • Reiki blends easily with and enhances all healing methods.
  • Reiki is very simple and can be immediately implemented on yourself and others.
  • Reiki gently releases old emotional patterns.
  • Reiki is an effective tool to overcome the pressures of career, relationships, parenting, and finances.
  • Reiki enables you to access your own inner wisdom and creativity, as well as expand your consciousness and spiritual awareness.