Libby is offering classes and healing sessions remotely by Zoom. Remote Reiki classes and sessions are as effective as in-person. In-person sessions are available in Asheville, North Carolina.

Reiki For Nurses

Reiki for Nurses

Thank you for coming to Libby Barnett’s website to learn more about Reiki and learning how to do Reiki.

Please explore this website to learn more about Libby and her Reiki training classes. Libby has had the honor of teaching Reiki to the staff of many hospitals in the Northeast. Libby has taught Reiki to over 980 nurses.

Why Learn How to Do Reiki?

Why did these nurses want to learn how to do Reiki and why might you also want to learn Reiki?

Why Reiki? For Yourself

The first answer is for yourself. Reiki is an easy to use tool for self-care. A few minutes of doing Reiki on yourself can help you feel peaceful, calm and relaxed (see a summary of a study below). Giving yourself Reiki can help you feel better and able to cope with the stress of your work and life. Many nurses in hospitals are experiencing stress from their work, especially from the nursing staff being spread too thin, for example.

You can earn 6.1 continuing education contact hours for taking Libby’s Reiki I class and the same for Libby’s Reiki II class.

Why Reiki? For Your Loved Ones

The next answer is for your loved ones. You can offer the gift of touch with Reiki to your child or partner to soothe pain and emotional upsets. Reiki supports the body’s ability to heal. And Reiki works great for your pets, too!

Why Reiki? For Your Patients and coworkers

The next answer is for your patients and coworkers. Reiki does not require extra time or thought to offer healing touch. Libby’s favorite saying in Reiki class is: “Hand’s on, Reiki’s on”. Once you have learned how to offer Reiki, whenever you touch a patient during your work day, they can be receiving Reiki, and you don’t even have to be thinking about it or taking extra time. Just imagine how many patients each day could be benefiting from your Reiki touch.

What Other Nurses Have Said about Learning Reiki with Libby

“Very enjoyable and informative day. Libby makes everyone feel at ease and therefore able to learn in a way that the participant feels successful no matter what.” -Theresa G.

“Powerful and moving.” -Elizabeth B.

“I came with the intention to include more Reiki in my life and service to others but have added a new understanding of how it can help me. I have made a commitment to do more self-Reiki now.” -L. L, RN

“Healing energy this powerful is a life-changing experience.” -Anonymous, RN

Do You Want to Learn Reiki?

If you are interested in learning how to do Reiki, you can find the class schedule and how to register on the links on the right of this page. You can also send Libby an email by clicking on the link near the top of this page with any questions you have about taking one of Libby’s Reiki classes.

Learn More about Reiki for Nurses

In one study of Reiki and nursing that focused on the rewards of self-care, 75% of nurses reported feeling “peaceful, calm and relaxed” after performing Reiki on others, and about 38% mentioned that Reiki “grounded and focused” them. Why? Many nurses also reported that they “received most, or all, of what [their] patients [were] getting” – they were simultaneously nourishing and being nourished. And, as they observed, this effect carried over into their work: their stress was reduced, and they performed their jobs with more intuition and insight and less debilitating burnout. As this example shows, the effects of self-care using Reiki are both personal and environmental, simultaneously uplifting both you, your life’s work, and your surroundings.

Self-care using Reiki can occur while with another person, in an almost involuntary absorption of energy, or can be done on one’s own body only, with a completely personal focus. In both situations, the practitioner is absorbing the power of Reiki, and both methods are easily incorporated into one’s day-to-day routine.

You can perform Reiki on yourself as you’re driving, relaxing, or talking on the phone – all you need is an intention and a free hand. Another option for situations that need attention but can’t be touched with your hands is Absent Reiki. Using powerful symbols, you can perform Reiki on a new job, an upcoming project, or tension in a personal relationship, for example. Asking yourself what situation or relationship you want to offer Absent Reiki to can bring coherence to your priorities. Absent Reiki is a potent method of self-care that reaches beyond your body – its only limitation is your imagination.

It is also possible to absorb Reiki’s power without performing Absent Reiki or placing your hands on yourself. Reiki brings transformation not only to its recipients, but to those who act as conduits for its force, drawing it into their bodies and allowing it to flow through their hands. As Reiki energy passes through you, it nourishes you almost involuntarily, setting in motion your own personal healing process. This “collateral” Reiki can encourage your body’s balance and calm, fostering personal invigoration.

The rewards of imbibing the power of Reiki yourself go beyond your own personal healing, however. As your mood and the state of your body improve, you might find yourself performing your work with more attention and concentration. Your absorption of Reiki brings joy and rejuvenation to your surroundings – your living room, the hospital at which you’re employed, or any other work or home environment you find yourself in.